Sunday, March 28, 2010

Face Fear

You cannot really run from what you fear. Every fear that we don't conquer will come back and we'll have to make a decision to run away from the things we fear again. It is really a never ending scenario. This weekend I went to Six Flags with my family. Although I had every intention of riding the giant roller coasters, as soon as I was faced with one I chickened out! Well, with a lot of coercing from my husband I made the leap. I sat on that stand up roller coaster and buckled in. All of a sudden my heart was racing, my hands were sweaty, and my body was tingling. I was starting to have an anxiety attack and begged my husband to let me off. He wouldn't!!! I was going to face that fear whether I liked it or not. And boy did I like it! I went on every fast, high, twisty one there was. Every time I approached one I remembered the last one and it got better every time. So it is time to face the fears in our life. They are all different. A roller coaster, a microphone, a job change, a move, a sickness, our future, death. Whatever our fear we can face it with God's help. Psalm 91 is my scripture for fear. It covers all the bases. And know that God loves you and cares for you and holds you in His Hands. Period.

PAMPER THYSELF!!!(you deserve it):)

1. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers for the table
2. Get an inexpensive manicure or pedicure. They do exist.
3. Bubble bath by candlelight
4. Lock yourself away in your room and makeover yourself
5. Treat yourself to lunch
6. Go to a bookstore, find a corner and a cup of coffee
7. Enjoy a sunny day. Grab a lounge chair and look at the sky.

I do one of these once a week. I can't take care of anyone else if I don't take care of myself!

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