Monday, May 10, 2010


This weekend I was looking around the house and noticed all of my unfinished projects. So I decided to make a list and challenge myself to finish one a week. So now I am going to challenge you to do the same. We can make it a game. Make a list TODAY! Then when you complete one of your unfinished projects post it as a comment to my blog "The Unfinished Challenge". Maybe this encouragement will help move us to get some things done that we have been putting off. My goal this week is to finish a chair I had re-covered but never finished. What it your unfinished project? Let me know! We are all busy. We can always make an excuse that we don't have time. But this week lets make time, okay? Okay! Best Wishes!!! I will post a picture of the finished project later in the week when I finish it. :)

Easy and Healthy:

Take any boxed rice or pasta meal and add vegies. You can add flavor and nutritional value this way. Example: To chicken rice-a-roni you can add broccoli or sweet peas. To red beand and rice you can add onions and peppers. To Hamburger helper you can add corn, carrots and peas.