Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Clothespin Game

While at a friend's bridal shower we played a game. It was called "The Clothespin Game." There were clothespins on a line and you had to pick them off with one hand behind your back and see how many you could fit in your hand. So when you couldn't hold anymore one would fall out of your hands. The "moral" of the game was: The more things you try to juggle you are bound to let something fall through the cracks. Cute game, huh? But so true. Some women could get alot more pins in their hands then others. Isn't that true for us? I guess I would rather do a couple things with all my heart than many things half-heartedly. We should all look at our lives and see if that's the case. An awesome woman of God once asked me "If it doesn't matter for time and eternity does it really matter?" When we are busy and stressed we can fly through a day and never really do anything that truly matters. We can't ever get that day back. God is giving us just this day. 24 hours. Let's take a look at our priorities. Let's focus on the things that truly matter.

*You can use clothespins to to seal bags of chips

*Make a list of priorities
My List:
1. Spending time with God
2. Spending time and doing things for my husband and children
3. Taking care of me. (Excercise, "me" time)
4. Church Ministry
5. Friends
6. Work
7. Blogging

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