Thursday, June 10, 2010


We all know time is precious. None of us have enough of it. I can make a list, and so can you, about all the things we don't have time for. The best thing you can do is make a list. List everything that you never have time to do. Then choose to purposefully put the time on your calendar or fridge or whatever. Then do it! Don't let anything get in on that time. I don't ever have time to do yardwork. So I choose 1 hour one day a week in the evening to do something in the yard. Don't think you have time to clean your house? Do you have a housekeeper you pay? Don't feel bad about it. If you have to hire someone, to do something you don't have time to do, so you can do something else you would like to do--DO IT! Enjoy life in between all the "must-do's of life. Life is too short!

How to do a basic house-cleaning in 2 hours (3 bd, 2 ba):

1. Dust everything with a Swiffer duster (10 min)
2. Windex all mirrors and glass (except bath) (15 min)
3. Put toilet cleaner in toilets and spray all tubs/showers (5 min)
4. Starting in one bathroom, windex all mirrors/glass, wipe toilet, wipe out tubs/showers, repeat in all bathrooms (30 min)
5. Vaccuum carpets (15 min)
6. Sweep floors (15 min)
7. Mop tiles floors (15 min)
8. Cloth mop/spray wood floors (15 min)
9. Done!

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