Monday, October 18, 2010


I was thinking about my life and life in general. How so many things are unexpected and catch you off guard. Take a runner. He has prepared in every way for the race that is set before him. He builds his strength. He feeds his body well. He learns the path in which he will race on. He even finds out a little about the ones he will race with. It seems like he is ready. He feels ready and confident. He has done everything on his part to win or atleast finish well. He starts the race. He paces himself. He has water. He is in the lead. Then, all of a sudden a small branch falls from a tree and as he looks straight ahead he trips over that branch and twists his ankle. You might say, well, he should have been paying better attention. Well, guess what. This was on a bend in the road. There was nothing he could do.

And so is life in Christ. We do all we can do. We feed ourselves on the Word, we build our strength by being around fellow believers in the faith, we know the tricks and tactics of the enemy, and we even know the path in which we race (this world). We feel ready, yet, it only takes that one small branch in the road to make us stumble and fall and even hurt. We knew there was a possibility that something like that could happen, but we didn't think it would happen to us in this race.

Yet, it did and does. So, the runner gets up and finishes the race in last place. He doesn't give up. But, prepares for the next race. He prepares himself as before but determines that no matter what happens in the next race he will finish. He won't give up. He won't stay down.

You see, the branch does not define the the runner. The fall does not define the runner. The scars do not define the runner. What defines the runner is that he is a runner. He got up and he will finish.

You are a Child of God. When you fall, get up and finish the race of life. Do not let the branches of life keep you down or keep you from running and living and loving and knowing God. At the end of my life I don't want to crawl into the arms of God. I want to run. But, I'd rather crawl than not finish at all.

My husband told me never to cook turkey any other way.

It was GREAT!

Place turket breast in crock pot. Add 2 cans chicken broth and one stick of butter and garlic powder. Cook on low for 8 hours. It falls apart and is so moist and juicy.


I love canvas. You don't have to be very creative and there are so many things you can do with it. You can even let the kids help. I made this one to hang on the porch.

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